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Wat That Kaow

We took a day tour of the areas surrounding Chang Mai and explored these temples. I loved the pack of dogs just chilling on 500 year old ruins.

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I have a charm for the bruising
a charm for the blackening
a charm for cheats and impostors.

I summon from the cold clear air
from the bare branches of the trees
from worms coiling under the ground –

charm against cruel intent
charm for neglect
charm against wicked indifference:

may it lie on the white backs of the breakers of the sea
may it lie on the furthest reaches of the wind.

A salve for those who would grudge against the poor
a salve for those who would harry the innocent
a salve for those who would murder children:

may it lie in the stoniest stretches of the hills
may it lie in the darkest shelving along the shore.

A salve for those that would cram
whatever life they have with possession –
for the rage of owning without entitlement
for the desperate murderous possession of things:

may it lie on the cloud-banks that range across the sky
may it lie on the face of Rannoch Moor in its remoteness.

A charm against mystification by doctors
a charm against deception by the self-appointed
a charm against horrific insistence:

from the breeze that stirs the last of the yellowing leaves
from the slanting of the sun as it falls though the window.

A salve against grasping
a salve against preaching
a salve against promises exacted by threat.

Grace of form
grace of voice
grace of virtue
grace of sea
grace of land and air
grace of music
grace of dancing.

A salve against the uselessness of envy
a salve against denial of our own best nature
a salve against bitter enmity and silence

Grace for beauty
grace of spirit
grace of laughter
grace of the fullness of life itself.

A salve to bind us
a salve to strengthen heart and happiness:

may it lie in the star-blanket there to spread over us
may it lie in the first light at the waking of day.


- Alexander Hutchison, “Incantation” (via graveyarddirt)

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Malibu View [via]

Zuhair Murad Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2008

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Jasper Needs to Get Rid of Some Shit Giveaway

All of the above were given to me as gifts and have sat largely untouched.


1. lot of 20 white candles

2. set of runestones (never used)

3.. Cunningham’s Magical Sampler (never read)

4. The Faeries Oracle (opened but unused)

3. lot of 3 jawbones (beaver, coyote, and deer)

Winner receives ALL items.


- you can follow me or not up to you

- like & reblog as much as you want

- I will ship within Canada and the continental United States

- winner will be announced PUBLICLY as this is a sideblog, so please keep an eye on your tag

- winner has 48 hours to respond

- giveaway ends July 23rd

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Eris?? Goddess of chaos strife and discord?? more like Goddess of animated hairporn jesus lord just look at it.

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a little love story about mermaids and tattoos


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